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Advantage Arms Glock .22LR Conversion Kits

Many may ask "why convert a Glock to shoot such low grain ammo?" Well, there are quite a few reasons to switch over to the .22LR caliber conversion.

Advantage Arms Pros:

Ammo Price:
With the prices of ammo going up its getting harder to have quality shooting time at the gun range. Store shelves are getting more & more baron. The political landscape has caused a great number of gun owners to stock pile ammo which has made the price shoot up. .22LR ammo is very inexpensive; i've seen it as low as 1000 rounds for $40.

With more ammo for less money comes more shooting time. More time spent pulling your gun's trigger will increase your muscle memory, accuracy, & confidence. Having a separate .22 handgun wouldn't be beneficial to you if you primarily shoot & carry a Glock.

Basically you can easily stockpile .22LR ammo because it takes up very little room.

Installation of slide:
The Advantage Arms kit is extremely easy to install & uninstall on your Glock. Advantage Arms calls it the 10 second installation.
1) Oil the slide & barrel because .22LR ammo is very dirty.
2) Take off your existing slide & replace it with the new kit.

To take it off you do the same procedure as if you had the original Glock Slide:
1) Drop mag & make sure Glock is unloaded.
2) Cock the slide back until you hear it catch.
3) With your other hand, pull down the slide lock catch on both sides of the receiver.
4) Pull trigger & push slide off receiver.

The lack of recoil with the Advantage Arms kit provides an optimal tool to show young shooters & female shooters the basics of shooting. This will get them comfortable with the sport & get them craving more. Plus on the tactical side, you could do more offensive/defensive drills for military preparedness.

When using the recommended ammo, the Advantage Arms kit is flawless. It is extremely accurate out of the box & if it's not, you can adjust the rear sights. It has almost no recoil.

Advantage Arms Cons:

The Advantage Arms kit isn't sold by the manufacturer anymore. You have to go through dealers, websites, & auctions sites. I got mine through the website This wouldn't be a problem except that there isn't just one kit. At the bottom of the blog will be a table on which kit goes with your specific Glock(s).

The Advantage Arms kits are very expensive. They range from $250-$300 a piece. The kit comes with a hard case, the Advantage Arms slide, (1) magazine, oil, & a cleaning kit. You cant order from the company so if you want a extended barrel, threaded barrel, or extra magazine, you'll have to pay separate.

The Advantage Arms kit feels like a toy. Both the slide & the magazine are really light weight. After 50-100 rounds it starts to have malfunctions if you dont clean it. To some the weight may be a pro.

This is my biggest gripe against the Advantage Arms kit. I have to use high velocity .22LR ammo. The first time I used my kit I was using Remington Golden Bullet HP 36 grain. The ammo was $9.95 for 225 round at Walmart. I was getting a stove pipe malfunction every two mags, a double feed every other two mags. Every 10 mags a round would lodge itself in the barrel & get stuck. Advantage Arms recommends 40 grain CCI Mini Mags ammo which is 50 rounds for $6.97. My goal was to save a lot of money but it doesn't look like thats going to happen.

No subsonic ammo
No standard velocity ammo except Remington Target
No Winchester ammo
No Federal Bulk ammo
No Hyper velocity ammo
No CCI Stingers ammo

Yes CCI Mini Mags ammo
Yes Remington Target ammo
Yes Golden Bullet HP ammo (will have occasional malfunctions)
Yes Federal Auto Match ammo

Advantage Arms with suppressors:

To use a suppressor such as the Silencerco Sparrow all you need to do is go to the advantage arms website & order the extended barrel with .5-1/28 adapter. It costs $130 or $85 if you just need the threaded barrel. The only downside is that you cant use subsonic ammo.

Here is the link for the treaded barrel & adapter combo:

Final Thoughts:

The Advantage Arms kit is a lot of fun to shoot, really it is. It gets me back out to the range more often & now I can take friends that are intimidated by larger calibers. I comes in a very nice hard case & the slide itself does look high quality. Although i do have some issues with its ammo compatibility, I am completely satisfied & can honestly say that I would purchase it again if I had too.

Advantage Arms

Gunsamerica Advantage Arms Search

Glock Store Advantage Arms

Gen 1, Gen 2 & Gen 3 Glocks
Glock ModelConversion Kit|Glock ModelConversion Kit
G17 L.E. 17/22|G29L.E. 29/30
G17L L.E. 17/22|G29SFL.E. 29/30
G19L.E. 19/23|G30L.E. 29/30
G20L.E. 20/21|G30SFL.E. 29/30
G20SFL.E. 20/21|G31L.E. 17/22
G21L.E. 20/21|G32L.E. 19/23
G21SFL.E. 20/21|G33L.E. 26/27
G22L.E. 17/22|G34L.E. 17/22
G23L.E. 19/23|G35L.E. 17/22
G24L.E. 17/22|G36not available
G25L.E. 19/23|G37L.E. 17/22
G26L.E. 26/27|G38L.E. 19/23
G27L.E. 26/27|G39L.E. 26/27
G28L.E. 26/27|

Gen 4 Glocks
Glock ModelConversion Kit|Glock ModelConversion Kit
G17 Gen417/22 Gen4|G29 Gen4L.E. 29/30
G17L Gen417/22 Gen4|G29SF Gen4L.E. 29/30
G19 Gen419/23 Gen4|G30 Gen4L.E. 29/30
G20 Gen4Coming Soon|G30SF Gen4L.E. 29/30
G20SF Gen4Coming Soon|G31 Gen417/22 Gen4
G21 Gen4Coming Soon|G32 Gen419/23 Gen4
G21SF Gen4Coming Soon|G33 Gen4L.E. 26/27
G22 Gen417/22 Gen4|G34 Gen417/22 Gen4
G23 Gen419/23 Gen4|G35 Gen417/22 Gen4
G24 Gen417/22 Gen4|G36 Gen4not available
G25 Gen419/23 Gen4|G37 Gen417/22 Gen4
G26 Gen4L.E. 26/27|G38 Gen419/23 Gen4
G27 Gen4L.E. 26/27|G39 Gen4L.E. 26/27
G28 Gen4L.E. 26/27|

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